Monday, January 28, 2013

There Is A Giant Psychic Spider In The Attic That Wants To Eat Your Children

The above is the name of a story idea I began to sketch out recently.  I had originally shared that sketch here on this blog (a few paragraphs).  Now I've retracted the excerpt.  In fact, I've deleted from this blog almost all the posts that were 'sneak peaks' of fiction and poetry that I was working on.  As real work and real publication look more like a possibility, I can see how shoddy a first draft or sketch of a story idea can look, especially coming from an as yet unpublished author.  Or hack, to be more precise.  So I'm not sharing that stuff anymore.  

My first-ever published short story is due to see the light of day this August with the publication of Issue 21 of 'Fungi: The Magazine of Weird Fiction & Fantasy'.  That issue will also include the first-ever publication of my non-fiction writing.  The magazine is due to be released at the NecronomiCon in Providence, Rhode Island (home of H. P. Lovecraft).  Since my family and I will be back in the States this summer, I'm going to try to make it to the convention if I can.  But we'll see.

The short story is called 'The Floating Man: An Ambi-Comic Thanophany' (and yes, I meant to spell that last word that way).  One of the popular-level non-fiction articles is about a 'theology of darkness' and the other is about the roots and offshoots of Lovecraftian horror and the possibility of writing a Theistic Weird Fiction.  (Both of the non-fiction pieces turned into beasts at over 10,000 words each.  Apologies to editors who didn't know what they were in for when asking me to write them!)

In this past week I have been working on a sort of companion piece to 'The Floating Man' called, appropriately enough, 'The Floating Woman'.  The two short stories form something of a thematic diptych.  I have finished the first draft of this latter story and am trying to polish it off over the next week or so in order to meet a submission deadline.  I've been graciously offered, through contacts and acquaintances, the opportunity of having a story included in an anthology of new ghost stories (small press, I believe).  I don't know if they'll accept 'The Floating Woman' for the anthology or not.  But that will be its first place of submission.

There.  That's better, I think.  I should just share about what I'm writing and not share what I'm writing.  For now.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and Godspeed with your efforts.

  2. Thanks, I sincerely appreciate the well-wishing. I've written quite a few more stories since this post but am still trying to figure out where to submit stuff. I initially was over-reaching and submitting to prestigious awards (such as the Bridport Prize) and, unsurprisingly, not winning. Then, the stories got too lengthy to submit to those anyway. I think I'm going to try some of the sort of 'Bizarro' market next as my stuff often seems to be neither fish nor foul...